Poker Sit’n’Go Game Strategy

Sit’n’Go is a popular form of online tournaments. The tournament format is a one-table game usually played by nine to ten players. The game starts when the table is full.

The prize money consists of the sum of the buy-ins of all players. It is usually paid out for the first three places in a ratio of 50% to 30% to 20%. For example, in a ten-player tournament with a buy-in of $ 5 plus $ 0.50 (poker room fee), the $ 50 prize pool would be divided as follows. The winner receives $ 25, second place receives 15 bills and third place still receives $ 10.

Sit’n’Go is a great way for savvy poker players to earn a steady income. Each tournament lasts between half an hour and an hour. So you can play a few games per day and with the basic strategy presented here, there is the possibility of winning more money than losing.

To win consistently at Sit’n’Go, you need to be disciplined above all else. Follow your established strategy and don’t let the circumstances around the table trick you into relying on your luck. The goal is to be one of the three winners and to have more money in your pockets at the end of the game than at the start of the game. Do everything you can to keep your risk as low as possible.

You are only allowed to play first class hands, i.e. pairs, consecutive cards of the same suit, AK, AD and sometimes AJ and A10 of the same suit, but only in late position at a table that has not yet been raised.

If you get a good hand, don’t just call, bet on it! Your stake should be so high that it scares everyone off. In most cases this strategy will win the pot, but if someone calls your bet you will have nothing to worry about as you probably have the best starting hand.

However, if someone raises your stake again by a substantial amount and you don’t have an AA or KK, it’s best to fold.

By following this simple but effective strategy, you will win more often than not at Sit’n’Go.

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